Designing an AI-driven Campus Fabric

A Blueprint for a Flexible Network Architecture

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With the phenomenal growth of cloud-based resources, traditional network architectures can no longer accommodate cloud-based services without compromising security or performance. Campus users demand anytime, anywhere access, but IT teams are struggling to effectively respond within the construct of rigid network architectures.

The volume of IoT devices in campus networks demands a flexible network architecture that is scalable, simple, and programmable.

Join us as we walk through how to design an efficient and scalable AI-driven campus fabric. Our experts will cover the different options available for interconnecting campus environments. You’ll find out how Juniper’s standards-based EVPN-VXLAN solution offers:

  • Greater network efficiency with support for multipath traffic to active/active dual-homed access layer switches
  • Flexibility by enabling L2 stretch and micro- and macrosegmentation with group-based policies (GBPs)
  • Scalable BGP-based control plane by allowing seamless expansion of core, aggregation, and access layers as business needs grow
  • Security with network microsegmentation using GBP that leverages the underlying VXLAN technology

Learn how Juniper's AI-driven Campus fabric is easily deployed and managed via the cloud--and how AI plays a significant role in maintaining, monitoring and remediating issues in the network.


Sunalini Sankhavaram

Senior Director Product Management
Juniper Networks

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Abhi Shamsundar

Product Manager
Juniper Networks

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