AI or A Lie?

Don’t be the fool…

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Outlandish claims about AI and wireless networking are flooding the networking industry. In the last 6 months you’ve seen everything from proactive insights to virtual network assistants that “make great coffee.”

  • Is Network Analytics AI?
  • Is proactive RMA real? AKA can your network identify faulty hardware and ship you a replacement unit before you even notice something is awry?
  • Has AI really helped Fortune 10 companies reduce on-site visits by 85%?
  • Is it AI, some python, or just a bunch of marketing fluff?

This April Fool’s Day we cut through the proverbial bovine. This is your chance to step into the driver's seat and call shenanigans on 2021’s hottest AI claims. We show our cards, helping you understand what’s real, what’s industry myth and what breakthroughs are truly legendary.

Meet the AI codebreaking team: Sudheer Matta (Mist AI Master), Jussi Kiviniemi (RF Janitor), and Christian (cannot tell a lie) Gilby.


Sudheer Matta

VP of Product Management
Juniper Networks

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Jussi Kiviniemi

Wi-Fi Janitor
Juniper Networks

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Christian Gilby

Senior Director of Product Marketing
Juniper Networks

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