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How to Build the Right Cloud for the AI-driven Enterprise

Cloud technologies bring true web scale, agility and performance to the networking space. In addition, the right cloud architecture is critical for implementing AI in the enterprise, bringing much needed automation to IT operations and insight into the user experience.

But, not all clouds are created equal.

In this webinar Osman Sarood, Mist’s lead cloud engineer, explains all the intricacies that go into designing and operating the right cloud infrastructure for the AI-driven enterprise. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to:

  • Strike the right balance between cost, scalability, and reliability
  • Determine the right type of cloud contract
  • Effectively manage spot instances
  • Implement resource monitoring, autoscaling, and much more

* The Mist AI:rchitect Series provides a deep dive into the design, deployment, and operations of AI-driven networks. Each webinar addresses the nuances of a specific vertical or unique use case, providing best practice guidelines, expert tips for success, and other key architecture considerations.

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Osman Sarood

Osman Sarood

Cloud Architect
Mist Systems, a Juniper Company

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Dartmouth College

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A Top 2 Pet Retailer

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