Designing AI Wi-Fi Networks for 6 GHz

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Did you hear? Indoor low-powered devices are now able to operate in the 6 GHz band (Wi-Fi 6E). This means less congested spectrum, and additional channel widths to maximize user and IT experiences on the network

But what if a network doesn’t have a proper design? Will the Wi-Fi still work?

The answer is...probably. But throw in an explosion of devices, and a new frequency band to that poor design, and you face a new plethora of problems for your network.

Regardless of the capacity and frequency, it is important to start with a good foundation to ensure a reliable connection for users.

So join Peter Mackenzie – Wi-Fi Magician – and Wes Purvis from Juniper Networks as they answer all of your Wi-Fi 6E design questions:

  • Is 80 MHz the new 40 MHz for channel width in 6 GHz?
  • What are best practices for devices roaming between bands?
  • Will I really achieve speeds over 1 Gbps on my network?
  • What about PoE power for my APs?


Peter Mackenzie

President WLAN Association

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Wes Purvis

Product Manager
Juniper Networks

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Wi-Fi 6E Quick Guide

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