Security Best Practices for a Wi-Fi Engineer

AI:rchitect Series

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When it comes to securing an organization’s network infrastructure, there are so many questions to answer.

How secure is your Wi-Fi? How up to date is your security knowledge? Is my organization at risk?

Join Juniper Networks’ technical experts and Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering & Security, at Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. as they discuss security essentials every Wi-Fi engineer should know and unravel:

  • What are the network security essentials every Wi-Fi pro should know?
  • How can you prevent Wi-Fi network breaches?
  • What are the Top 5 Wi-Fi attacks from pen testers?

Watch now to hear from Jen and Juniper experts as they discuss WPA3, the latest in Wi-Fi security.

  • What is WPA3 and where is it today?
  • When should I adopt WPA3 and what are the caveats?


Jussi Kiviniemi

Wi-Fi Janitor
Juniper Networks

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Jennifer Minella

VP of Engineering & Security
Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc.

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Wes Purvis

Product Manager
Juniper Networks

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Slava Dementyev

Product Manager
Juniper Networks

The Juniper AI:rchitect Series provides a deep dive into the design, deployment, and operations of AI-driven networks. Each webinar addresses the nuances of a specific vertical or unique use case, providing best practice guidelines, expert tips for success, and other key architecture considerations. Check out the series!

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