The IoT Nightmare on Wi-Fi Street

Join this 3-part webinar series on leveraging AIOps to deliver better user experiences while simplifying network operations! Join us to learn about Wi-Fi theory (and practical implementation), location tracking services (BLE, UWB, and Wi-Fi RTLS), and IoT.

October 27, 2020
10:00 AM PT
1:00 PM ET

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Part 3

Headless devices. Frightening maintenance. Scary security. Do you dare take a haunting stroll down Wi-Fi Street?

Sure, ghosts and goblins are scary, but we know what really keeps you up at night: a tangled web of IoT devices. Enter the world of IoT to learn all about:

  • IoT technologies: BLE, Zigbee, Lora, Sigfox and more!
  • IoT RF fundamentals
  • Deployment of IoT devices
  • Security of IoT
  • IoT Troubleshooting

Joining Wi-Fi Janitor Jussi Kiviniemi will be Walmart Global Tech’s Technology Expert, Mark Edwards, the “King of Packets” Peter MacKenzie, veteran wireless trainer Phil Morgan, security & wireless expert Jen Minella, and Juniper product manager, Wes ”Craven” Purvis. No tricks, just treats!


Jussi Kiviniemi

Wi-Fi Janitor
Juniper Mist

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Mark Edwards

Lead Wireless Network Engineer
Walmart Global Tech

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Peter Mackenzie

Head of Technical Operations
MarQuest Limited

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Wes Purvis

Product Manager
Juniper Mist

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Phil Morgan

NC Expert

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Jennifer Minella

VP of Engineering & Security
Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc.

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Part 1 – The Big Wi-Fi Theory

Whether your enterprise network is big or small, you can learn from the folks that do it in a big way. Join the IT masters from Walmart Global Tech and Dartmouth College, and Mist AI experts to see how your network can work with ease at scale.

Part 2 – Location Tracking Technologies: The Accurate Facts

Navigate the waters of different RTLS (Real-Time Location Tracking System) technologies with the hardest-hitting industry experts including Walmart Global Tech and Sewio.

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