The Mist AI:rchitect Series provides a deep dive into the design, deployment, and operations of AI-driven networks. Each webinar addresses the nuances of a specific vertical or unique use case, providing best practice guidelines, expert tips for success, and other key architecture considerations. 

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Blueprint for Deploying Bluetooth® Low Energy in Retail Stores

From engagement through your guest Wi-Fi portal to leveraging Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) for proximity messaging and wayfinding, there are endless ways to create personalized location-aware experiences for your customers. 

Join us for this installation of the Mist AI:rchitect Webinar Series where we'll show you how to architect accurate and scalable indoor location services with BLE. Topics covered include:

  • Best practices and requirements for deploying BLE in a retail store
  • Using AI-driven insights to monitor associate productivity and customer experience
  • Example use cases for proximity messaging, wayfinding, and asset visibility
  • Design practices for each use case

Featured Speaker
Sunalini Sankhavaram
Location Product Manager
Mist Systems

Note: Stay tuned for the next installment of the AI:rchitect series where we cover how to architect a network for digital enterprises. Pre-register to be notified when we launch the next webinar


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