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How to architect a retail network using AI-driven wireless

The Mist AI:rchitect Series provides a deep dive into the design, deployment, and operations of AI-driven networks. Each webinar addresses the nuances of a specific vertical or unique use case, providing best practice guidelines, expert tips for success, and other key architecture considerations.

Retail trends are changing and your choice of wireless network infrastructure is critical for creating a strong in-store experience. For the first time ever, AI makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable, enabling you to deliver amazing wireless experiences to shoppers and associates. 

Fill out the form to watch the on-demand recording of the Mist AI:rchitect Webinar Series where we discuss how you can benefit from AI-driven Wi-Fi in your stores today. Topics covered include:

  • New requirements for Wi-Fi in modern retail stores
  • Best practices for  deployment, operations, and management of AI-driven Wi-Fi
  • How to design a network that guarantees performance of a mixture of legacy and new IoT devices
  • Using AI-driven insights to monitor associate productivity and customer experience
  • Tips for getting ready for the holiday season faster

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Sanjoy Dey

Senior Director, Product
Juniper Networks

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