Packets and Sharks from the Clouds

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When all else fails in network analysis, packet capture will come to the rescue. But packet analysis has always been the privilege of a few. Until now…

Thanks to easy-to-access tools and excellent training material, anyone can become a packet analysis rockstar. Buckle up for the worst webinar of the year (and that’s saying a lot considering it’s 2020). Make 2021 a better year by getting expert troubleshooting tips for your wired and wireless networks.

We'll show you practical strategies to tackle 6 of the most common packet analysis challenges – ranging from a working network to sharks falling from the sky.

Joining Jussi, our RF Janitor, are three top Sharks in the packet game:

  • Eddie “Mo-” FoRero, a #000000 belt in Shark-Fu
  • Peter Mackenzie, the undisputed King of Packets
  • Tom Peterson, network forensics expert from packet analysis tool provider CloudShark

Learn practical packet analysis in 60 minutes through live demos.


Jussi Kiviniemi

Wi-Fi Janitor

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Peter Mackenzie

Head of Technical Operations
MarQuest Limited

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Eddie Forero

Founder & CEO
CommunicaONE Inc.

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Tom Peterson

Sr. Technology Specialist
QA Cafe

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