Large-Scale Campus Wi-Fi: Controller or Cloud?

Expert Panel: MIT, Dartmouth College, and experts from Wirednot and Packet6

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Expert Panel: MIT, Dartmouth College and experts from Wirednot and Packet6 assemble for a real-world, live-from-the-trenches discussion on the architectural considerations for cloud in campus networks.

Migrating to cloud-based Wi-Fi at a University's scale comes with several unique concerns and decision points. Not every scenario is the same, nor are all network teams that undertake the migration of large WLANs to the cloud.

In this session we’ll talk to two schools who have made the jump (but in different ways), as well as two independent experts versed in what campuses struggle with as they contemplate going to the cloud for wireless.

Some of what we’ll discuss:

  • Underlying LAN architecture
  • Wireless architecture when migrating to the cloud
  • Features gained and lost when going to the cloud
  • The world of APIs and automation
  • Concerns such as licensing and IT mobility

Join our real-world, live-from-the-trenches panel guests for this timely discussion.


Wes Purvis

Product Manager
Juniper Networks

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Jussi Kiviniemi

Wi-Fi Janitor

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Brian Stephens

Senior Manager, Network Engineering

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Bryan Ward

Lead Network Engineer
Dartmouth College

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Rowell Dionicio

Independent Wired/Wi-Fi Professional

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Lee Badman

Independent Networking Expert

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