CWNE 90% Discount on Juniper Mist 4-Day Live Course

If you’re a CWNE, think & act fast! Taught by the leading Wi-Fi technology experts and rockstars, this class prepares you for the JNCIS-MistAI certification test.

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Are you a CWNE?

The most talked-about Wi-Fi course of the past year is 4-day live Juniper Mist AI-Driven Networks.

If you’re a CWNE, think & act fast: You can take the class at a 90% discount. The class prepares you for the JNCIS-MistAI certification test. What normally costs $3,800 is now $380 for CWNEs.

The course is taught by the leading Wi-Fi Technology Experts and Rockstars such as course creator Peter Mackenzie (“The King of Packets”, CWNE, CWNT), Raymond Hendrix (CWNE, CWNT) and Francois Verges (CWNE, CWNT, Host of Clear to Send Podcast).

During 4 days of live, hands-on training, you’ll go beyond the hype seen from customers, the media and the likes of Gartner.

Questions such as these will be answered:

  • Under the hood differences of Juniper Mist Wi-Fi solution
  • Designing and setting up a Juniper Mist Wi-Fi system, end-to-end
  • An in-depth overview of Marvis, the Mist AI virtual assistant, Marvis Actions, and the super-powerful but not well-known Marvis Query Language
  • In-depth exercises on troubleshooting and advanced analysis and use of SLEs (Service Level Expectations)
  • What does “focus on AI and user experience” mean - where the rubber truly meets the road?
  • How exactly does the BLE Array based locationing technology work? How is it deployed
  • What do I need to know to use the Mist APIs effectively, and to automate my network where it matters?

Very limited time. Limited number of seats. First come, first served.

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