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Using Bluetooth® LE to Simplify Asset Tracking and People Visibility Workflows

Deploying and managing an IoT solution is a complex and resource-consuming project, requiring the orchestration of tags, gateways, access points, management platforms and other key hardware and software components. These projects often involve custom development, integration, calibration and testing, which significantly delays time to rollout, increases the cost of IoT projects, and limits overall scalability.

Join experts from Mist and Kontakt.io where we discuss how AI can be combined with standards-based Bluetooth LE technology to simplify the design, deployment, and management of IoT solutions. In this live webinar, we will discuss:

  • Key requirements for the deployment and management of IoT projects
  • Bluetooth LE overview and the technology’s role in indoor location
  • New BLE technology advances, such as virtual beacons and converged access points
  • How to leverage location data and workflow management software to make strategic business decisions


Sunalini Sankhavaram

Head of Location Product Management - Mist Systems

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Santtu Pulli

Head of Product

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Philipp von Gilsa


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