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Wired and Wireless Wednesday

Join our weekly demo to see how we deliver the industry’s best access layer experience for wired and wireless networks. We’re making networks more predictable, reliable and measurable with a comprehensive portfolio and cloud services driven by Mist AI to give IT teams an edge in transforming their businesses with new technologies.

Featured Session: Festivus
December 15, 2021

In celebration of Festivus, we invite you to a special edition demo. Come prepared to air your wired and wireless grievances from your current vendor. In return, we'll show you live Juniper feats of strength to cure your specific network woes! Meatloaf will not be served, but one lucky attendee will win a Festivus prize pack, complete with your own Festivus Pole .

See why 4 of the Fortune 10 have switched. Learn how we can help you:

  • Build the network of the next decade with Mist AI and a microservices cloud
  • Drive better user/client/device experiences across a unified wired and wireless network
  • Get network insights and answers at your fingertips
  • Automate operations and simplify troubleshooting with self-driving networks
  • Deliver innovative location services with Virtual Bluetooth LE

In addition, we’ll share two new solutions to help you drive business continuity in the era of the AI-driven enterprise.


Get a Free AP and EX switch!

By attending a live demo, qualified end-user attendees* can get a free AP and EX2300-C switch, with a complimentary 90 day cloud service to try out on your own.

Free EX switching offer is only valid in the United States.

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