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Virtual Bluetooth® LE

Indoor Location is Finally Easy to Deploy and Scale

11:00 AM PT | 2:00 PM ET

Mist’s patented virtual Bluetooth LE solution is taking the industry by storm!

Join our monthly demo for a live deep dive on the Mist vBLE solution which includes virtual beacons, machine learning, and analytics integrated into a single, cloud-based platform that also delivers Wi-Fi. We’ll walk you through:

  • vBLE overview and key technologies
  • How to create virtual beacons for proximity messaging and zones
  • Tips for simplifying new AP deployment and configuration
  • Blue dot location and wayfinding (including “Find an Associate“ demo)
  • Asset location and 3rd party tag management
  • How to get the most from location data and analytics

Looking for Wi-Fi?
See the Mist Learning WLAN in Action!

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Get a Free Indoor Location Starter Kit

How do you get a free kit? It's Simple:

Attend a demo! Once you've seen Mist in action, *qualified end-user attendees will get a free kit, including a Mist AP and tag, to put to the test.

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