Winning the Game

of Random MAC Lottery

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Want to simply understand the role of MAC addressing in networking?

Two of the world’s leading experts on “how Wi-Fi works in the real world”, Wes Purvis and Slava Dementyev, join Jussi the Janitor to share all you need to know about MAC addressing, with a focus on the current topic of randomization.

The essentials of MAC addressing

  • Vendor part + unique ID part
    • Exceptions
  • The role of MAC addresses in networking
    • How MAC addressing works in connecting and data transfer

MAC Randomization 101

  • Privacy started it
  • Identifying a random MAC
  • Behavior in different OSes

Practical implications & recommendations

  • Implications to Network Services
  • What should a network admin do?


Jussi Kiviniemi

Wi-Fi Janitor

Wes Purvis

Product Manager

Slava Dementyev

Sales Engineer

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