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Mist vs Meraki: The Cloud Has Evolved – Has Your Network?

The cloud brings a variety of benefits to network management – from simplified configuration to faster troubleshooting. But, not all clouds are created equal.

In the past 10+ years, new technologies like microservices and AI have emerged that have made first generation cloud platforms obsolete.

Join us for a deep dive into both the Mist and Meraki solutions, comparing/contrasting how you can leverage the different cloud architectures to do the following:

  • Deploy access points simply and quickly
  • Roll out new features on an ongoing basis
  • Monitor and optimize the wired/wireless user experience
  • Proactively troubleshoot problems
  • Collect and use detailed analytics

Modern Wireless networks with the power of cloud services

Wi-Fi with assurance

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User engagement

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Wes Purvis

Wes Purvis

Technical Marketing Engineer
Mist Systems

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Gene Sawyer

Gene Sawyer

Director, Sales Engineering
Mist Systems

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They were loyal to Cisco, Aruba and Others. Then They Saw Mist.

Find out what our customers already know about the future of Wi-Fi.


"With limited IT and support staff, the ease of operations and automation of the Mist system has been critical to assuring a robust learning environment."

Guilford College

North Canton City Schools

"With Mist, we have cut the time to troubleshoot issues from hours or days down to minutes which has resulted in a better user experience and improved learning outcomes."

North Canton City Schools

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