Tips & Tricks for Securing IoT – Visibility and Attack Prevention

Join this 2-part webinar series on important considerations for identifying and securing IoT devices in your network.

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Expert series with Srinivas Akella from WootCloud, Jennifer Minella, and Laurence Pitt from Juniper Networks

Sprawling IoT devices are prime targets for attackers. Once compromised, infected IoT devices connected to the network can quickly bring that network down or act as an entry point to more valuable targets.

Join experts from Juniper Networks and WootCloud to learn tips and tricks for identifying and securing IoT:

Part 1

The first step to securing IoT is identifying those devices and infrastructure connected to your network.

  • ID different types of headless devices in the work-from-anywhere era
  • Use contextual information to understand risk to the network
  • Profile IoT behavior to inform access and security policies

Part 2

Once you know what IoT devices are on your network, you need robust policies that allow the right level of connectivity, while securing IoT access to network resources and reducing risk.

  • Understand the IoT attack surface
  • Use behavior as an indicator of compromise
  • Build strong segmentation and inspection policies


Srinivas Akella

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Jennifer Minella

Founder and Principal Advisor, Network Security
Viszen Security

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Laurence Pitt

Technical Security Lead
Juniper Networks

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