The New Wi-Fi Normal

New situation. Same networks?

October 16, 2020
15.00 CET

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We are all facing a new situation – with the same network.

And the same network engineer between the keyboard and chair.

Join us on this expert panel webinar, where we discuss with leading Wi-Fi and networking experts where we should be headed:

  • What did we experience in enterprise networks during the lockdown?
  • What’s going change in networks come 2021? Wi-Fi 6E certainly. What else?
  • Can / should the work-from-home infrastructure be managed by enterprise IT?
  • As a network engineer, what should I do and learn in this new world order?
  • What trends are we seeing for enterprise networks outside of COVID 19?


Joeri De Winter

Skyline Networks

Raymond Hendrix

Wi-Fi Wise

Mark Raats


Peter MacKenzie


Petri Sikanen


Jussi Kiviniemi

Juniper Mist

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